Monday, May 04, 2009

And how was your weekend?

4:45 -- pick up Kinya at home, drop her off at work at Java Dave's.
7:00 -- pick up Merry and Sally and take 'em home to Stafford. It transpires that they have not had their dinner yet. Therefore:
7:45 -- drop off a Big Mac for Kinya at Java Dave's.
8:15 -- hie myself along with kids plus Roma to American Buffet.
9:30 -- drop the kids back off at home.
10:05 -- pick up Kinya and take her back home.

8:00 -- meet Natasha's mom in Sealy so that she and Natasha can spend the weekend shopping for graduation clothes and jewelry (or, as the jewelry salesman on the radio insists on calling it, "joolery").
9:00 -- drop Merry off at play practice at Holy Apostles in Katy.
9:15 -- Sally starts warmups for her soccer game in the old-town part of Katy.
9:30 to 10:30 -- watch Sally's team dominate the opponents, winning 3-0 in a game where so little time is spent on our half of the field that one felt guilty for not having offered to bring a book with which our goalie could have passed the time.
10:30 -- Sally's game ends; take her back to play practice so that she can practice her line.
1:00 -- pick Merry and Sally back up, along with Merry's friends Alyssa and Sarah, and take them to the mall for lunch and the shopping spree I promised 'em a while back.
2:40 -- take Alyssa home.
2:45 -- drop Merry and Sarah off at Sarah's house.
3:45 -- take Kinya to Java Dave's for the start of her shift along with Rusty.
4:30 -- finish checking e-mail and finish my Java Dave's smoothie (hey, cool, I got to take a break!).
5:00 -- go to Whole Foods, have a startling conversation with Rusty, continue on to Panda Express for food for Rusty and Kinya, and then drop Rusty and the food back off at Java Dave's. All of this actually takes a while.
6:30 -- take Sally and Anya to Russian General Store on grocery run.
7:15 -- leave from Russian General Store and go straight to the house back in Katy (not Sarah's -- different friend's house) to pick up Merry at the end of the Jonas Premiere Party).
8:00 -- Jonas Premiere Party ends; head back toward Stafford.
8:45 -- Drop Sally and Anya back off at home to eat their Russian dinners, along with Merry (who ate at the Jonas Premiere Party); go to Java Dave's and collect Rusty, who is driving Kinya (and probably, though she's too polite to say so, Miss Daniela) crazy.
9:15 -- Help Kinya and Miss Daniela clean up and close down Java Dave's. Leave la Casa half of tithe check with Miss Daniela to give to her aunt (who is the church treasurer) since I'm not going to make it la Casa tomorrow.
10:15 -- Bed.

8:45 -- Self, Rusty, Sally, Merry off to breakfast and Sunday School and Eucharist at Ascension.
12:15 -- Fazzoli's in Katy.
1:00 -- drop Merry off at play practice, Holy Apostles in Katy.
2:00 -- get to soccer fields for Sally's 3:00 make-up game, realize that I forgot to bring sneakers, decide I'd rather go barefoot than get my dress shoes muddy, suit the deed to the decision. Play goalie while Sally practices penalty kicks until the rest of the team arrives to begin warmup.
3:00 to 4:00 -- Watch Sally's team play very well except for three bad minutes at the end of the first half, during which three minute the other team unfortunately scores two goals, leading to a final score of 2-1 (first defeat of the year).
5:10 -- pick up Natasha in Sealy.
5:45 -- trade Sally for Rusty at Dessie's house.
6:30 -- get home, announce firmly that I am going to disappear and have a little time for myself while everybody else eats pelmeni, head for Java Dave's, and spend three highly recuperative hours freeing the frog in Zuma Deluxe.
9:45 -- feeling much better, help Miss Angela and Miss Daniela close up.
10:05 -- get home, spend two minutes trying to figure out what the weird rash on the tops of both feet is before finally realizing that it's sunburn.
10:10 -- climb blissfully into bed.
10:11 -- suddenly realize that I completely forgot to do laundry.
11:30 -- washer finishes.
12:45 -- clothes dry.

5:30 -- alarm rings...and the weekend is gone.


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