Sunday, December 21, 2008

Honorary Roterhals Of The Day Dept

Naturally I have only one question: where can I get one? Gives a whole new meaning to the term "drafting" -- who knew it was really spelled "draughting"?

(I wouldn't use the word Roterhals in the presence of any Germans, by the way -- not because it's obscene or anything, but simply because I have no idea what the German for "redneck" is and therefore just made that one up my own self.)

By the way, it isn't every day that I learn a new word, but I have just added the self-evidently useful word hoon to my vocabulary, with much delight. I strongly recommend going to Jalopnik's Hoon of the Day home page and spending an entertaining half an hour or so watching, incredulously, videos such as this one. Note, by the way, that the last two chaps are not honorary rednecks; they're the real deal, and would fit right in with my buddies and me at home (yes, I know, the accents...the guys would forgive it, and the girls would just find them exotic: "So, how did y'all like growin' up in Canada?"). After all, pace Jennifer, there are plenty of Kiwis who know perfectly well exactly what to do with a chainsaw or some baling wire.

UPDATE: I am obliged to pass on one of the comments to our Honorary Roterhals video, from commenter DannyBN, who wishes to know, "Can he be arrested for driving over the influence?"


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