Friday, October 10, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Whoops! It appears that the other night I hit "publish post" rather than "save as draft," and these pictures hit the blog before I meant for them too. My bad.

So, here's the homecoming scoop: Kinya and Natasha decided to go dateless (I am given to understand that there was originally a young man designated to take Kinya but that in between her original acceptance of the invitation, and her attendance at the dance, the young man received his congé, so to speak). They were going to meet their friends there. But they got there at 9:00, when the dance was nominally scheduled to start -- only the football game didn't end until 10:00 or so. So for the first hour there were only about fifteen people there besides Kinya and Natasha, and then another fifteen or so people showed up but still nobody was dancing. Then finally people began to trickle in, but by that time Kinya and Natasha were tired of standing around in high heels and they just called and asked me to come get them.

They had called earlier to complain that nobody was dancing. I volunteered to help: "The problem is just that nobody wants to be the first person to start dancing. So I'll just come in and get on the dance floor and start dancing and that will get things started."

I hate it when people whine to you, but then when you offer to do something constructive they turn you down...

They're awfully pretty girls, though, aren't they?

Natasha and Kinya in the living room


Kinya, Anya and Natasha outside the apartment

Natasha and Kinya again


Li'l K ("Papa, when I turn 18 I'm getting a tattoo...")

One more with Natasha and Kinya

Okay, I admit, the kid in the middle in that one shot isn't Anya, it's family friend James, whom we recently helped move after he came home from his Hurricane Ike evacuation to find that his ceiling had decided his bed looked really comfortable, and had accordingly decamped thereunto.


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

No labels...Kinye and Natasha? Or, on that last one...Natasha(left) and Kinye?


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