Friday, January 18, 2008

Urgent prayer request

There's a particular apartment I badly need to get into. I've been trying for a week to track down all the paperwork necessary, and got everything in order except that they wanted two years' worth of rental history -- and they don't not just the names and numbers of the people who had rented houses to me; they want copies of the actual leases.

All that sort of legal paperwork is at the house; I e-mailed Dessie a few times asking for it and didn't get any answer for a few days. I got a copy of the most recent lease from my divorce lawyer. I spent a couple of days calling the previous landlords, finally managed to get through to them; they both very generously agreed to try to hunt up the old leases. One of them ("Austin Guy") called back; he had cleaned out his files and didn't have the lease anymore, but he gave me the phone number of the real estate agent he used to lease it out...who hasn't picked up her cell phone, or responded to my voice mails, in two days of calling from me and from Fertuna, the leasing agent who fell in love with the Troika and has been desperately trying to figure out a way to get us into that apartment. The other previous landlord ("Katy Lady") I didn't hear back from at all. I did finally hear back from Dessie: she had found a copy of the lease I already had, but no longer has the old leases. So I called Fertuna this morning and told her I had pretty much struck out.

A few minutes ago I called back Katy Lady just to thank her for trying -- and she told me she had found the lease this afternoon, called the apartment complex, and e-mailed it to them. I called Fertuna and she went looking for it...and it turns out that her manager talked to Katy Lady and had the lease in her office, and she hadn't yet gotten around to looking at the lease; so I still was first in line because she hadn't rejected me yet. Also Austin Guy did talk to Fertuna and confirmed verbally that I had leased his house and was a good tenant.

So the ONLY thing missing is that one bloody lease, and even for that the landlord has verbally verified it and recommended me as a tenant.

Tonight or tomorrow morning the apartment manager will review my application and make a decision.

So PLEASE pray very hard that she'll be generous about that one missing lease and let me have the apartment anyway.

Thanks, have to go now or I'll be late for the start of my weekend with the other kids.


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