Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Cause of the Day" Dept

Well, we all have the things we take especially seriously.

Actually, to tell the truth, a Sri Lankan buddy gave me a sarong in college; and if I weren't married and having to hold down a consulting job (two very good reasons to remain sartorially conventional) I'd never wear anything else but a sarong in the Texas summertime. Considering that I attend Episcopalian churches I could even get away with it on Sunday morning. And in hundred-degree heat, jeans are as comfortable as a sarong in about the same way that Al Capone was as unselfish and loving as Mother Theresa.

But that still doesn't keep me from thinking the rhetoric of the Kiltmen is hilariously over the top (presumably on purpose, though if their tongue isn't in their collective cheek then that just makes it even funnier).

More proof of the superiority of the sarong: consider the movie George of the Jungle (a family favorite). No doubt you remember the line, "Hoo, boy, I'm chafing, Max. I'm chafin' big time..." A hilarious line, right? And yet...just imagine if Thor had popped out of the SUV wearing a sarong. Even funnier, even without any dialogue. Don't try to tell me I'm not right about this.


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Moral Pagan said...

I suppose it our heritage was descendant from the lands of the
sarong, we (kiltmen) might direct
our over the topness otherwise. One statement covers most of it,
down with bifurcation. It seems
to be a difficult concept to married people who must consult.


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