Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OneTrueGodBlog-related posts

First of all, my wife is a much, much funnier writer than I am, and you should certainly get her book, It All Started when the Toilet Fell Over, readily available at Amazon.

Now, for those of you coming here because of Hugh Hewitt and the OneTrueGodBlog, the following posts are particularly relevant.

I found the name of the OneTrueGodBlog interestingly problematic, as did certain others, because the very name of the blog declares Hugh's allegiance to a particular fundamental religious metaphor, namely that of Fact (rather than Therapy or Family). I think a significant percentage of the hard feelings that arise out of religious arguments, come from unrecognized clashes of underlying metaphor. The basic concepts are laid out in "The metaphor wars;" the Fact, Therapy and Family metaphors are explored in some detail in "Defusing religious conflict," and the specific application to OneTrueGodBlog is addressed here.

I've been wrestling with the problem of suffering for a long time. Unfortunately relatively little of that wrestling has taken place on the blog, but you can read here some early musings that arose out of our work with youngsters like Zhenya. As for the OneTrueGodBlog itself, David Allen White's response to the OneTrueGodBlog question about human suffering inspired me to post an old essay on how the Incarnation and Passion revolutionizes the theology of human suffering, and some thoughts on the fear of suffering, especially in American religious thought.

If you're interested in our adoption story, you can start with "Two stories." If you want to read the whole saga of our adoption as it unfolded, you can go to the master adoption saga post and follow the links from there.

And I really do wish you'd read the autobiographical sketch of Zhenya, a young Kazakh girl whom we love very much.

Oh, one final thing: any post whose title ends in "...Dept." is some sort of silliness or other. Thus, since I work in Houston, Hurricane Rita inspired "Hurricane Rita Evacuation Plan -- the serious version" and "An actual hurricane evacuation plan," both of which are meant seriously. But "Hurricane Rita Evacuation Plan" Dept is really just an Aggie joke.

Welcome, and thanks very much for dropping by.


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