Sunday, August 01, 2010

Now that was nice

Anya and Sean and Kegan all went to church with me this morning...but the church they picked was, oddly, La Casa de CelebraciĆ³n, despite the fact that Sean only speaks a little Spanish while neither Kegan nor Anya speaks any at all. But it's a great church, and Anya knows I enjoy it and knows how much I like my kids to go to church with me, and Kegan had heard good things about it from they all decided to go with me.

'Course, that made for kind of a noisy back pew, since one of the ladies from the church was translating the sermon into English for Sean and Kegan while I was translating it into Russian for Anya. But since CdC is a pretty noisy church itself (lots of congregational participation even during the sermon) nobody minded.

I was also amused to discover that, this being the first Sunday of the month, CdC offered communion. It turns out that CdC offers communion on the first Sunday of every month -- but despite being a regular attender for almost two years now I had no idea. I only go, you see, on Sundays when Rusty and Sally and Merry aren't with me (since they don't know Spanish either)...and it had never occurred to me that, since the first Sunday of every month is my weekend, I had literally never, not ever once, attended CdC on a first Sunday. So, um, I guess I've sort of redefined "regular attendance" in my own special way...


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