Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Derb was on fire today

I mean, with amusing non-political asides. (Be warned; if you follow the links you will find yourself at a highly partisan political group-blog, albeit at a couple of specific posts that don't have anything to do with politics.)

First of all, he reminds us of the classic definition of a mistress: "That which is found between a mister and a mattress."

But what really amused me was this nugget (scroll to the bottom of the post) passed on to him by one of his readers:
When I was in junior high, the Hebrew day school I attended, in cooperation with the drama department at a local high school, put on a full production of My Fair Lady in Hebrew (barad yarad b'drom sfarad ba' erev — "The hail falls in southern Spain in the evening"). If you think it's funny to hear Dick Van Dyke doing cockney, you should listen to someone trying to do a cockney accent in Hebrew. The girl who played Eliza Doolittle had to transition from Hebrew with a cockney accent to Hebrew with an upper crust Brit accent over the play's duration.
What a wonderful world we live in...and why, oh why, couldn't somebody have videotaped that performance? Or, if they did, why isn't it on YouTube?


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

Okay, not directly related and you've probably already seen it, but I did warn you what would happen if I spent too much time at Sports Guy, and I already spent too much time at Radio Derb last year. So I may not even go see how on fire Derb was that day - not until all finals are graded, at any rate. But I did go to SG'sW today, and did enjoy this:

I am leaving out any far-fetched explanation along the lines of "Tiger was going out to buy crack" and "Tiger had been furious at that fire hydrant for months and it was only a matter of time before he went after it."


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