Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been a while

I'm giving a short dinner breakfast speech at our church's men's breakfast on Saturday, at 8:30, at the La Madeleine on Westheimer just east of the Beltway (in case any of my Christian friends in the neighborhood want to drop in -- the guys, that is, this being a Male Chauvinist Pig event).

Now this will gladden my mother's heart, which has never fully recovered from the fact that once I got confirmed in the Episcopalian Church, I largely stopped preaching sermons, preaching not being something laymen are generally allowed to do in the E.C. (I did get asked to preach one Sunday morning a long time ago, and duly preached, but I'm fairly certain the bishop would not have been happy with my priest. Understand, an Episopalian layman can read a properly authorized sermon that somebody with the proper credentials has written, but for a layman to preach a sermon of his own composition is so unusual that I'm pretty sure it's proscribed.) At any rate, I think I may have Rusty go along and videotape it so that my mom can see it later, even though it's hardly going to be a "sermon" in the sense she would like. But beggars can't be choosers, and this is as close as she's likely to get -- of the two churches I attend more or less regularly, the one where the sermons are given in English is Episcopalian, and the one where laymen frequently fill the pulpit, is one where the language of the pulpit is Spanish. And, um, I ain't preachin' in Spanish. You'll see me singin' karaoke before you hear me preachin' en espaƱol.

And you won't hear me singin' karaoke anytime soon.


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