Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving potluck recipe

Since I inadvertently promised to bring possum to the company Thanksgiving potluck, I guess I'd better get serious about it. I only know one possum recipe; so looks like this is what the good folks at bg will be getting:


The meat from 1 possum
1 pound sausage (too bad for my Muslim friends, I guess, but it's not as good without sausage)
2 cans of pinto beans
3 chopped white onions
Lots and lots of just keep putting 'em in until it tastes right.
Three of those big HEB cans of peeled tomatoes
Chili powder to taste
Some bell peppers, chopped up fine
Three or four cloves of garlic
A couple of tablespoons of brown sugar
Three tablespoons of cumin
Enough water to cover all of it

If you want to be fancy about it you can add a couple of shallots, but it seems sort of counterintuitive to "get fancy" with a possum recipe.

Boil it until it tastes good (make sure you keep enough water in there to keep it covered). If it doesn't taste good after a couple of hours, start adding jalapenos until you can't tell any more how it tastes.

You can find variations on this on the web (one of which involves additional ingredients such as squirrel, armadillo, and a healthy helping of Copenhagen chewing tobacco, which concoction the author -- a Southern gal named, unsurprisingly, Scarlett Lee Moody -- swears she and her cousins actually eat).

(Note: if you're not redneck enough to have eaten possum already, then please don't try this recipe at home. And if you are...why, then, you already have your own possum recipe, doncha?)


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