Monday, November 16, 2009

Could Be Worse Dept

In the interest of not being a complete couch potato, I generally try to take the stairs rather than the elevator when going back and forth between the 16th and 17th and 19th and 20th floors at work (all of which, these days, are bg floors). Unfortunately, the door to the stairwell on the 20th floor is right next to the men's bathroom, which means that at least once every couple of days I head for the 19th floor, trot merrily into the stairwell, and find myself in the men's room by mistake. And this had happened often enough that it was starting to really annoy me, until it occurred to me that it could be worse...

...the stairwell could be right next to the women's bathroom.

UPDATE: A female co-worker e-mails to say, "This is precisely why I avoid the stairwell."


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