Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the funniest thing is that the dude seems to be serious

The Slave Driver Eddy Finta led me to this article, which starts with a graph purporting to show a high correlation between domestic U.S. oil production and the quality of pop/rock'n'roll music.

I looked it up figuring that it would be an article having fun with the ordinary person's confusion of correlation with cause. Instead I found a guy who appears seriously to believe that he has found a link between the two sets of data, in that (according to his theory) a single fundamental law underlies both phenomena. The really funny thing is that he genuinely seems to think he's figured out something real. Which means that, which I assumed was a deliberate parody site like The Onion, may be that even rarer and even more delightful bird -- the unintentional self-parody site.

So now my day is made. Thanks, boss.


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