Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Troika health update

Kinya does not have tuberculosis. However, the infectious disease specialist to whom we have been referred by our family doctor, says the most likely diagnosis now is some form of mononucleosis. He drew lots more blood for lots more tests; and we go back for the results in two weeks. But if he's right, then, if I understood him properly:

1. Mononucleosis eventually gets tired of bothering you and goes away on its own.

2. Nothing you do can drive it away sooner than whenever it gets tired of bothering you and goes away on its own.

In the meantime, the pro-forma TB skin test the Department of Health insisted on doing on Anya, came back positive. Now I don't for a moment believe Anya has TB; but I have now been ordered to take Anya back to Rosenberg on Thursday morning to start the whole process over again, this time with Anya -- though at least they're going to jump straight to the chest x-ray, and thus we may escape a second week of quarantine.

Cue my mother's habitual reassurance of her son: "Well, Kenneth, at least your life isn't boring."