Monday, December 15, 2008

Life in civilization has its dilemmas; but that's what the service industry is for

For example, say you're a guy, and (what with being straight and all) you can't wrap a Christmas present to save your life. Plus, let's face it, think about the time it takes -- time that could be more profitably spent, especially if there's Guinness in the fridge and footie on BBC 2.

So last year you paid somebody to wrap your girlfriend's present, but she got all upset: "You paid someone to wrap my present? You don't even care enough about me to wrap my present yourself!?!" Which, to be fair, she's right, you don't, but then it was a week before you got any after that, and we certainly don't want that again.

So, on the one hand, time wasted wrapping a present when you could be drinking and cheering on the lads on the telly. But the girlfriend is all happy because you love her so much you wrapped her present yourself, and you have at least, say, a 1 in 4 chance of getting laid.

On the other hand, save the time on the present, pour the beer, cheer the lads. But then no sex for a week.

Tough call...

But wait! There's a solution! Enter CrapWrap.

HT: Dave.


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