Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Disillusionment strikes the Peril

The people who know the real Sarah Palin are speaking out. There goes the election.

Damn YouTube. Damn it to hell.

Here, by the way, is a genuinely funny (except for the guy who seems to be mocking McCain's age and physical condition) production number by the folks in the Obama campaign headquarters. Kudos to 'em.

Of course, you could hardly get a better embodiment of how little hope Obama has of connecting with the average American, who is not likely to be familiar with the Broadway musical being parodied. But I happen to like Broadway musicals; so they get a thumbs-up from me on this one.

One odd thing about that video, though...

Where de black women at??

Seriously, it's Obama's headquarters, and you talk about a bunch of people who do not, in Clinton's phrase, "look like America"...

That's nitpickin', though. Funny video; full marks for it.

I apologize to the bloggers who first directed me to these videos earlier today; can't hat-tip 'em 'cause I don't remember where I saw the things. My bad.

UPDATE: No sooner had I posted this then something else occurred to me...two things actually:

1. "One Day More" is sung by the students who are about to get their butts so royally kicked that only Marius and Valjean will even survive. I mean, all the promises of the song ("every man will be a king," for example) come to nothing that next day. Eponine is gonna die (what a waste of a glorious voice...). Putting that song in that context would seem to suggest that Obama's campaign is doomed for a catastrophic, epic, for-the-ages defeat. Which leads to the second point...

2. How do I really know these folks are the real Obama team? Answer: not only do I don't know that they are the real Obama dudes, I bet the smart money is that they are not. Which means my "where de black women at" cavil is completely misplaced. In that case I apologize to the real Obamites as handsomely as I can manage to apologize. My bad, there.


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