Thursday, August 04, 2005

ADOPTION UPDATE: It's coming down to it for our adoption

We would deeply, deeply appreciate prayers from all of you who engage in the practice. We have a go/no go decision to make by Sunday night.

Our finances are borderline for this adoption, and we have to either climb onto the plane on Sunday, or not. I mean, we are right on the knife edge. If we had $4,000 less in the bank right now, it would be an easy call: no trip. If we had $4,000 more, it would be an easy call: Karaganda by Wednesday. But we have what we have, poised right on the tipping point, and we still have to either get on the plane or not.

There are $9,000 in fees that we're looking at having to pay, and while I'm making good money, we've also been carrying both a mortgage payment and a rent payment for months and months now, making it hard to get very far ahead. Right now I'm thinking we can go (assuming my next paycheck gets here in time), but in order to be able to take with us the money we need, I'm going to have to rob the youth house. You see, we had been expecting a $5,000 grant to help us on the travel, but the rules behind that grant have recently changed so that we won't be issued that money until the adoption decree is final. Now, a generous and anonymous donor had guaranteed us the money that we still needed in order to buy the extra apartment we need for the new graduates coming out of Litvinskoye this year, and that donor is redirecting those funds toward our adoption...but of course that now means that if Dessie and I head out on Sunday, we're back to having homeless orphans because the youth house money will no longer be youth house money.

But if we don't get on the plane Sunday, that's it for Anya.

But if we do get on the plane Sunday, there's still no guarantee we'll manage to bring Anya back anyway.

Not a pleasant choice. But choices have to be made, and in the end I'm the one who has to make this one. By Sunday afternoon.

So please pray that God will grant us either wisdom or else wealth. Or ideally, as if I were Solomon, both...though I'd just as soon not get the Solomonic trifecta. ;-)


P.S. The Solomonic trifecta is, of course, wisdom, wealth...and wall-to-wall wives.

This adoption update is followed by this one.


At 1:09 AM, Blogger Biotress said...

Good luck with whatever decision you make!

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