Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Michael Moore's Minutemen

Or, "Why Simple Justice -- Not to Mention Eugenic Considerations -- Requires Us to Take Michael Moore to Mosul and Make Him Stand in the Square Until the Mujahadeen Kidnap Our Country's Stupidest White Man"

Be warned: this is not a pleasant read. But then we do not live in a pleasant world. Also, let me take this moment to say that if Stupid W had just not invaded Iraq, these people would be peace-loving and harmless men of good will, ready to enter into the worldwide fraternity of tolerance and love for all men. While I'm at it, I can also assure you that Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa have never knowingly made use of steroids.

Of course those of us who have paid the slightest attention to the Middle East (which, in America, ain't a whole bunch of us) have known for twenty years that Islamic terrorists take special pleasure in killing children; which is why we harbored just the teensiest little bit of doubt that Jimmy Carter and the Nobel Committee were making a smart move by trusting the bona fides of that paragon of virtue and peace, Yasser Arafat.

Those of use who have been paying attention to Iraq (by which I mean reading the blogs of native Iraqis as well as milbloggers both home and stationed in Iraq, rather than the worse than useless American papers) have known for a long time that those whom the BBC is ever-so-careful never to call "terrorists" (God forbid that the BBC should be unfair and judgmental!) are deliberately using kids to try to get close to Americans. Michael Yon was already saying back in May that soldiers were telling him they were having to ask kids to stay away from him and his soldiers so that the kids wouldn't be targeted. Yon refers there to an old post from 1 February, where he tersely described an attack the day before the elections:

In a particularly gruesome display of insurgent character, the bomber had grabbed the hand of a girl, about five, and used her for cover to approach the IPs. The explosion occurred just yards away from the roof where I stood with the soldiers. Eight people and that little girl were killed that day.

Michael Yon chooses to admire our soldiers. Michael Moore chooses to admire somebody else. Somebody should tell the Stupid White Man that you are known even more by the heroes, than by the company, you keep.


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