Friday, April 08, 2005

John Paul the Great

For those of you who don't know, my oldest daughter, Kasia Krystyna, was named after Polish friends from my wife's days as a clandestine student missionary in Communist Poland. Peggy Noonan is 100% right, and she says it as well as anyone could have said it.

Welcome home to your crown, John Paul the Great.

And on a rather lighter note: I GOTTA get me one o' these...

Do NOT miss the slide show. The green chastity pants are my favorite touch, but the whole thing looks just hilarious (opening scene, for the Spanish-challenged: the Pope in clouds wondering, "Where am I?" and then seeing a dim silhouette -- "O Dios mio, is it you?" -- but it turns out to be Superman, who announces, "I'm your new trainer"). What's really delightful is that it's 100% meant in genuine adoration of "el Increible HomoPater"...oh, I GOTTA find me one of those. You'd think El Corazon de Columbia would come through for me but my buddy Edgar had to hear about it from me in the first place...



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