Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I have Dessie's signature on a final agreement.

I can't talk about the details of the agreement, or how we got there, because one of the things I wanted was an injunction to keep either side from talking to the kids about it, and it turns out this is standard. So, no discussing the details in the presence of the children -- and the kids could conceivably read my blog.

But I should be divorced by Monday, with all of my financial obligations going forward finally nailed down solid so that I can start planning and committing accordingly.

And -- by far most importantly -- Rusty is going to live with me from now on.

That's about all I can say, except:

I can never thank you guys enough for all the prayers and support throughout this long and unspeakably ugly and painful process.

Keep praying for my kids.

And, again. Thanks. That's all I can say.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger deionae said...

We continually pray for you and your kids. Know full well that God is in control. So?!!! Should I start contacting my single friends?! :)



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